The Warré hive has been developed and introduced by Abbé Émile Warré in the first half of the 20th century.

I used to run just a few Warré hives following the original design pretty close


Overall I believe that Warré’s method and hive ticks any boxes. There are some aspects to be considered though, where I believe KTBHs are superior/more versatile.


Nadiring new supers under the stack requires some lifting. In my area I have never used more than 4 supers, so lifting up to 3 drawn supers is no big deal for me.

However persons with back problems might stick to KTBHs instead.

Swarm prevention

Another aspect is that Warrés method barely requires hive inspections. Hence swarm suppression in the spring is no real option. In contrast KTBHs can be more easily inspected.

If swarm prevention is an issue for you, you might stick to KTBHs instead.

In general I do encourage you to accept natural swarming though. You can set up bait hives around your apiary and thus catch your natural swarms with pretty low effort.